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Mark Wood Purple Viper

• Constructed from quality acoustical hardwoods: poplar body and full scale ebony fingerboard.
• Nicely figured two-piece quilted maple veneer top with a stunning deep transparent purple finish with indigo edges.
• Features a Mark Wood signature logo.
• Completely self-supporting, utilizing our patented Chest Support System™ to give you unrestricted freedom of movement like no other violin. Take your playing and performances to a new world of possibilities.
• Equipped with our Wood bridge pickup. This bridge pickup gives you unmatched audio output signal, replication and quality because unlike other electric violin companies, ours has the pickup transducer built directly inside the bridge, not under the bridge foot. This also eliminates the possibility of acoustical feedback sometimes associated with ‘under the foot’ pickups. Additionally, each bridge is electronically calibrated with capacitors for its optimal frequency range.
• Fitted with precision tuning machines so your instrument is easy to tune. This also eliminates the need for fine bridge tuners.
• Features a Phantom Fretted fingerboard (lined fretless). These visual lines show each half-step interval on your fingerboard. Using Mark Wood’s fret interval system will help you take your playing to a new level. You will also find the visual reference great for live performances. If you don’t have a clear monitor signal, you’ll never have to wonder if you're playing in tune again.
• Set up using top grade electronics.
• Comes with its own custom high quality Viper gig bag.

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